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RingCentral Persist - Add Gateway

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RingCentral Persist provides a set of users at a customer site the ability to dial extensions, make outbound calls, receive inbound calls and supports emergency calling and callback in the event of Internet failure. 

This article provides the steps for Administrators to enable the feature and Add a Gateway.

How to Add a Gateway

1. Contact Support to enable RingCentral Persist.

2. When enabled, the Gateways tab will show on your RingCentral Account.

3. Go to Phone System > Phones & Devices > Gateways.

User-added image

4. Click Add Gateway and follow the steps on the Add Gateway assistant. 

a. Enter the Basic Info and Select the Gateway model.

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b. Enter your Network Settings. IMPORTANT: The computer and IP device must be on the same network for the initial provisioning process.

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c. Add your ELINs (Emergency location identification numbers). Shown below is the appearance when you choose to add either a single number or a range of ELINs.

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d. Review and Confirm your order.

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