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RingCentral Persist - Overview

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RingCentral Persist provides a set of users at a customer site the ability to dial extensions, make outbound calls, receive inbound calls and supports emergency calling and callback in the event of Internet failure. 

RingCentral Persist works by allowing your network to connect to the PSTN and RingCentral Services using the AudioCodes gateway while your Internet is down.

Features and benefits
Availability and requirements
Supported Devices
Get Started with RingCentral Persist
RingCentral Persist Frequently Asked Questions 

Features and benefits:
• Maintain Phone services during an Internet outage - Inbound and Outbound Calling
• Emergency Services - E9111 Calling, PSAP (Public-Safety Answering Point) CallBack
• Extension Dialling - Same Site or Remote Site
• Provisioning - Gateway and Phones

Availability and requirements
• Contact support to enable this feature on your RingCentral Account.
• RingCentral Provisioned Gateway
• Polycom Phones

Supported Devices

Gateway ModelsDeskphonesApps
Mediant 500 (1 T1)
Mediant 500L (4 FXO)
Mediant 800 (2 PRI)
Mediant 800 (3 PRI)
Mediant 800 (4 PRI)
Polycom VVX 311
Polycom VVX 411
Polycom VVX 350
Polycom VVX 450
Polycom Trio 8500
Polycom Trio 8800
RingCentral Phone app for Desktop

Get started with RingCentral Persist:
1. Contact Support to enable the feature for your account

2. Add and configure your Gateway. For more information go to RingCentral Persist - Add Gateway.

3. Add and assign users to your Gateway. For more info go to Add and Assign Users to Gateway.

RingCentral Persist Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will phones other than Polycom be supported?

Yealink will be supported later in 2019, and Cisco will be next.

2. How many concurrent Inbound Calls are allowed?

Only 5 inbound calls can be received concurrently, to ensure Gateway processing power is not peaked and allow 911 calls can be handled by the gateway.

3. What is the timeout for phones to start using RingCentral Persist on failure?

• For UDP configured phones it will switch to RingCentral Persist within seconds.
• For TCP configured phones it will switch to RingCentral Persist within 2 minutes.

4. When callback from PSAP happens where does it go?

• Before 10 mins it rings calling extension.
• After 10 mins it goes to inbound Call Handlers. Those identified as handling inbound calls.

NOTE: The reason for 10 minutes timers is to free up the line for the next person making the E911 call.

5. Does RingCentral Persist support Fax?

Fax is not supported at the moment.

6. Does RingCentral Persist support Call Recording?

Call Recording is not supported at the moment.

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