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RingCentral Phone for Mobile - Optimizing your iOS or Android device

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SummaryCall quality using mobile apps are usually limited with the Wi-Fi and cellular data networks that they are conneted to. You may experience choppy calls, dropping calls, or disconnection, especially if you are in a zone with limited Wi-Fi or data connection. Follow the options below to optimize your iOS or Android mobile device with RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

RingCentral Phone for Mobile - Optimizing your iOS or Android device

1. Make sure your iOS or Android OS version is up to date. 

2. Make sure you have the latest version of the RingCentral Phone for Mobile. 
3. Confirm that Integrated calling is enabled or turned ON.

For iPhone
In the RingCentral Phone for Mobile, tap on your Profile picture > Call Settings > Integrated Calling.
See RingCentral Integrated Calling to learn more.

For Android
This should automatically pop up when installing.
To confirm, go to your Android settings. Tap Settings > General > Apps > RingCentral > App Permissions.

NOTE: Path may be different depending on your Android device. Refer to your device's manual to know how to confirm App Permissions.
4. Disable or turn OFF Wi-Fi assist for iPhone
To do this, go to your iPhone Settings. Tap Settings > Cellular. Scroll to the bottom, and then disable or turn OFF Wi-Fi Assist.
5. Disable or turn OFF Battery Optimization software
Sometimes, apps and OS features disable or turn OFF background app refresh and cause RingCentral Phone for Mobile to time out. Disable or turn OFF Battery Optimization software to seamlessly enjoy RingCentral Phone features.

For iPhone
• Make sure Low Power Mode is disabled or turned OFF. Go to iPhone Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode
• Confirm that Background App Refresh is enabled or turned ON for RingCentral for Mobile App. Go to iPhone Settings > General > Background App Refresh
For Android
Disable or turn OFF Battery Optimization Mode or Doze Mode from your Android OS. 

NOTE: Battery Optimization will disable or turn OFF background apps in order to conserve battery life. However, it will cause time-outs of the RingCentral Phone for Mobile. 
Other Options  
• Inquire with your local cellular carrier if there are any settings that would improve the usage of integrated apps on their cellular data networks.

NOTE: Cellular data network is different from cellular calls. Most cellular carriers will prefer their calling network over their data networks. 

• If the issue is usually happening on Wi-Fi, confirm that the Wi-FI network is set up to RingCentral network recommendations.

If you are still having issues after following the options above, submit a feedback from your RingCentral Phone for Mobile. This will help identify the version and data information in your device and help support identify if it is an app related issue. 

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