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RingCentral Webinar - Practice Session

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SummaryRingCentral Webinar Practice Session is a feature that allows you and your panelists to practice and familiarize yourselves before starting your actual webinar.



RingCentral Webinar - Practice Session

You need to enable the Practice Session feature when scheduling a webinar in your online account.

webinar - enable practice

NOTE: See links below to learn how to schedule a webinar:

RingCentral Webinar - Scheduling without Registration
Scheduling a RingCentral Webinar with Registration

When enabled, the host of the meeting will see an orange banner at the top of the window.

NOTE: Attendees will not be able to join the meeting when the webinar is in a practice session.

webinar - enable practice 1

Once finished with set up and planning, click on the Broadcast button to start the webinar and allow the attendees to join the webinar. The orange banner will disappear after the button is clicked and show a temporary green banner notification that the webinar is now broadcasting to all attendees.

webinar - enable practice 2

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