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SummaryThe Company Greeting and Menu section provides additional call handling options, including hearing the Default greeting and recording a Custom greeting. This is a great way to specify the greeting callers will hear when they call your main company number, during Company or Business Hours, and After Hours. The steps below will guide you on how to set up the Company Greeting via the Auto-Receptionist.


Set Up Custom Company Greeting via the Auto-Receptionist  

1. Log in as an Account Administrator to your RingCentral account.

2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings > IVR Settings > Company Greeting 

3. On either Company Hours Greeting or After Hours Greeting, click Edit.

4. Select either Bypass greeting to go to extension or Play company greeting.

Bypass greeting to go to extension

• Click Select Extension to select a User to handle the call.
• Click Done when finished.

bypass company greeting

Play company greeting 

• Under Set Greeting, select Default or Custom.
• Default Greeting - "Thank you for calling John Smith Company. If you know your party's extension you may dial it at any time. For the Operator press 0 or stay on the line. For the Dial-By-Name directory press 9."
• Custom Greeting - will allow you to set your greeting by PhoneComputer Microphone, or by Importing from your computer. To set the custom greeting, click the red Record button.

play company greeting

Under If Caller Enters no Action, select Connect to Operator or Disconnect.

- Connect to Operator: This is selected by Default. Selecting this option will direct callers to ext. 0, or the Operator Extension, after the greeting.
- Disconnect: Selecting this option will disconnect the caller after the greeting repeats three (3) times.

• Click Done when finished.


5. Click Save to confirm changes.

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