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SummaryGetting to know the User section of the RingCentral online account
The Users tab of your RingCentral Online account allows Administrators to edit the User's settings, update Roles and Permissions, edit User Groups and create Templates.

Users section

Follow the links below to learn more about the Users tab of your RingCentral Online account.

User list
User Groups

User list

The User list section displays the list of Users in your company. Administrators can select a User from the list and update their settings.

Quick Link:  Adding Multiple Extensions to your RingCentral Account (For Administrators)

Select User

User Details

Admins can change or update the User's information, User hours, time zone, and language settings in their online account. Under User Details, select the information you want to change.

See Updating the User Information and Details on your RingCentral Online account to learn more about updating the User's Information in the User Details on your RingCentral Online account.
User Details
• Extension Number - This is the user’s extension number. It is recommended to use a 3-digit number to set as extension numbers.
• First Name - This is the first name of the extension user, which is also used as a reference for the Dial-by-Name Directory and Company Contacts feature.
• Last Name - This is the last name of the extension user, which is also used as a reference for the Dial-by-Name Directory and Company Contacts feature.
• Record User Name - This will allow you to make phonetic changes to the spelling of your extension name so that the system can pronounce it correctly.
• Contact Phone - This contact information can be used on Fax cover page.
• Email - This is the user’s contact email. This is where the welcome email is sent when activating the extension.
• User Hours - This is where you can set the hours of operation of your extension.
• Regional Settings - This section allows you to change your extension's Timezone settings.
• User Password - You can change the extension's security settings in the section. This option will only be available if the extension has been activated.
• Apply Templates - This allows Administrators to consistently apply the same settings across multiple Users.
• Resend Welcome Email - This option is only be available for Administrators if the extension has not been activated yet. 
Disable - This allows the Administrator to temporarily remove the extension when not in use. 
• Delete - This allows the Administrator to completely remove the extension from the list of Users in the account.


User Roles give Admins the ability to control what users can do within the system, without giving full admin access. A Role is a collection of Permissions which could be based on a job function. Permissions are assigned to Roles and Roles are assigned to Users.

Predefined User Roles and Permissions feature is available to all RingCentral Office customers. Custom Roles and Permissions feature is available to Office Premium and Enterprise ONLY up to two (2) or more Users.

See User Roles and Permissions to learn more about this feature.

user roles and permissions

User Groups

The User groups feature allows you to organize your users under a specific group to be managed by a single group manager.

See User Groups Overview to learn more about his feature.
user groups

See Also: Managing a User Group (shows how Group managers can log in to the RingCentral Online account to access or manage User groups).


Templates allow an Account Administrator to implement a set of configuration to multiple users at once through the RingCentral Online account, reducing repetitive actions by applying same settings to a group of users.

See User Templates Overview to learn more about this feature.

templates overview

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