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How Virtual Calling Card Works

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SummaryWhat is the Virtual Calling Card and how does it work?
The Virtual Calling Card lets you place a call from your RingCentral account using a landline or a mobile phone (when 4g or WiFi is unavailable), without a plastic card or lengthy PINs. All calls placed using the Virtual Calling Card feature are recorded in the Call Logs section of your RingCentral account for tracking purposes.

NOTE: If you are using your Toll-Free RingCentral number as a Virtual Calling Card, then you will be charged minutes for both the outgoing call and the call made to your RingCentral number.

The Virtual Calling Card feature is disabled by default. To enable this feature on your RingCentral account, Contact RingCentral Support.

Follow these steps to use your RingCentral number as a Virtual Calling Card:

Step 1:

Dial your RingCentral phone number.

Step 2:

Enter your extension number, followed by the star key (*).

Step 3:

When prompted, enter your PIN, and then press pound (#).

Step 4:

Press 3 to make an outgoing call.

Step 5:

Dial the number you want to call and press pound (#).

NOTE: If you wish to end your call and place another call, press star, star (**). This will allow you to return to the Calling Card menu. Now dial the new number you want to call and press the pound (#) key. If your party hangs up during the call, you will automatically return to the Calling Card menu.

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