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Setting Up Company Settings via the Auto-Receptionist

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SummaryGetting to know the Auto-Receptionist feature
Auto-Receptionist or “Auto Attendant" enables calls to be answered automatically with the default or a personalized recording (record your own). The Auto-Receptionist section of the RingCentral Online Account is only accessible to Account Administrators.

Auto Receptionist - Select Auto Receptionist

Callers usually hear the following options:
• “Press 1 for service, press 2 for sales consultants, press 3 for account information…
• “Press 1 for Bill Jones, press 2 for Elizabeth Harley…
• “If you know the number of the party…

To customized this feature, log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral Online account, and then follow the steps below. 

You can set the following options under Auto-Receptionist: 

Type of IVR

• Single Level IVR - Calls to your company number can be connected to a built-in Auto-Receptionist Calls to your company number can be connected to a built-in Auto-Receptionist or connected directly to an Extension.

• Multi-Level - Calls to your company number can be connected to a top-level IVR menu which can be configured to connect to additional IVR menus or other system extensions. Go to Multi-level IVR Overview to learn more about this feature.

Auto Receptionist - IVR Types

NOTE: Click Ok on the prompt to proceed with switching from Single Level IVR to Multi Level IVR.

Auto Receptionist - Warning prompt

Company Hours

This section allows you to edit your Company Business Hours. By default, your Company Hours is set to 24 hours. To configure your Company Hours, go to Setting your Company Business Hours, Timezone and Time Format.

Auto Receptionist - Company Hours

IVR Settings

This section allows you to choose the action when your company receives incoming calls. It allows you to set the Call Handling settings, Company Greetings and Operator Extension. Go to Setting your Company Call Handling and Operator Extension to set up how your company calls are handled. Once you have specified your Company Hours of Operations, you may personalize your Company Business Hours Greetings as well as your Company After Hours Greetings. Go to Setting Up the Company Greeting via the Auto-Receptionist to configure what your customers will hear when they call your company number. Go to Setting the Operator Extension on your RingCentral Account to change the Operator Extension on your account.

setting up autoreceptionist - IVR settings

Dial-by-Name Directory

The Dial-by-Name Directory is disabled on your RingCentral account by default. Go to Updating the Dial-by-Name Directory Settings to set up your Company Directory.

NOTE: If this feature is disabled by default.

Auto Receptionist - Dial by name directory

Call Recording

This section allows you to configure the Automatic Call Recording on your RingCentral Account. Learn more about Configuring the Call Recording Settings on your RingCentral account.

Auto Receptionist - Automatic Call Recording
NOTE: The Automatic Call Recording Feature is only available for RingCentral Office Unlimited, RingCentral Office Premium, and Ultimate Edition accounts only. Learn more about Automatic Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions.

Regional Settings

This section allows you to configure your regional date and time settings.  The time format option can be set to 12-hour or 24-hour format. You can also configure the Home Country code in this feature. Learn more about Automatic Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions.

Auto Receptionist - Regional Settings

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