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SummaryThis article provides information on what to do when your credit card is declined during billing transaction. Check the Billing section of the RingCentral Online account to view and manage payment and services tied to your RingCentral account.


What to do when your Credit Card is declined?


If you have had successful transactions and the most recent one failed, you will get an email notification from RingCentral that the billing transaction failed. We suggest calling your bank for them to provide more specific information why the transaction has failed. To reprocess the payment immediately, you can update your Card Information through your RingCentral Online account.

If you are using a new card, please use the same information that you have with the bank. Make sure to enter the following information accurately:

Card Number
Expiration Date
Zip Code

If you need further assistance, contact RingCentral Support.

RingCentral United States: click here
RingCentral Canada: click here.


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