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SummaryThis article provides steps on how to fix the DTMF tone recognition when using an ATA Adapter with a conference phone.


DTMF Tones Recognition

1. Plug the ATA into power and Internet.
2. Plug an analog phone into Phone 1 jack of the ATA.
3. Set the phone dial switch to Touch Tone (TT) not Dial Pulse (DP).
4. Once all green lights are on press: ****110#.
5. A voice will repeat the IP address assigned to the ATA.
6. To access the IP address on an ATA you need to turn on web access.
a. Press ****7932#.
b. Press 1# to turn web access on.
7. Open a browser and browse to the given IP address. (You will need to be on the same subnet.)
a. Username is cisco | Password is cisco (smalls caps).

ATA settings analog conference phone

Disable provisioning in the ATA after the ATA is registered to RingCentral.

1. Log in to the ATA web interface through a web browser using the IP address of the device.
2. Go to Voice Tab in ATA Settings.
3. Select Provisioning from the menu on the left.
4. Set Provision Enable and Resync on Reset to NO.
5. Click Submit.

Set DTMF Settings after Provisioning is disabled

1. Select Line1 from the Menu on the left.
2. Scroll down to Audio Configuration Section.
3. Set DTMF Process INFO to NO.
4. Set DTMF Process AVT to NO.
5. Set DTMF Tx Method to InBand.
6. Set DTMF Tx Mode to Normal.
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