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SummaryThis article provides information about where you can view the faxes that are sent to your RingCentral number. Messages are stored securely in your account, and can be delivered as email attachments.

Where to view received faxes


Fax sent to main company number

Fax would be found in the Super Admin extension's Inbox (Ext 101). Log In to your RingCentral Account as Super Admin (Ext 101) > Select My Extension > Messages > Inbox. 

Fax sent to extension's direct phone number

Fax would be found in that specific extension's Inbox (ex, Ext 106). Log In to your RingCentral Account using the User Extension's credentials > My Extension > Messages > Inbox

For more details: Checking received faxes | RingCentral Online Account 

View Messages on RingCentral Phone Desktop and RingCentral Phone Mobile

You can view your received faxes from the inbox section of your RingCentral Phone, or RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

(Links will open to instructions on how to view received faxes on your preferred platform)

Send copy of fax message to email as PDF

You can also send a a copy of the fax message sent as a .pdf file to your email. You can do this by enabling this option on the Advanced Notifications section of your RingCentral Online account. 

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