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Audit Trail - Overview | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article provides information about the Audit Trail features and availability.


Audit Trail Overview


What are the features of the Audit Trail?

This feature allows the Super Admin or a User assigned with a Billing Admin role to:
• track the changes on the RingCentral account which can be used for auditing and/or troubleshooting
• generate the report with filter options
• see changes made by other Administrators (applicable to organizations with multiple administrators who need a change log in order to provide coordinated support)
• detect failed logins and locked accounts

What can Administrators do with the Audit Trail?

• Search for specific items
• Filter results by date, users (changes made by the user, changes made to the user), and items
• View records for the past 180 days
• Download the log (in .xlsx format) of the current view

Is the Audit Trail available to all customers?

It is available to all tiers of RingCentral Office accounts and is enabled by default.


How do I disable the Audit Trail feature?

Contact Support to disable this feature. 

What RingCentral Online account items are tracked by the Audit Trail?

Administrators can use the Audit Trail to track configuration changes on the RingCentral Online account. See Audit Trail - Tracked Configuration Changes to view the items list.


TitleAudit Trail - Overview | RingCentral
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