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RingCentral Rooms - Schedule and Book a Room from 2nd iPad

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SummaryThis article describes how RingCentral Rooms can be configured to work with a 2nd iPad that can be displayed outside a room to check the room's schedule and availability. You may also book the RingCentral Room using the 2nd iPad.
A 2nd iPad placed outside the room shows you the room’s schedule and availability. It also lets you reserve the room from the iPad. However, you have an option to use a single iPad for Scheduling display and Room Controller

To start using your iPad as a scheduling display you need to:

1. Add a room for Scheduling Display. (no license required)
2. Configure iPad for Scheduling Display only.


Add a room for scheduling display

1. Log in to your RingCentral Account as an administrator.

2. Tools > Meetings.

3. Select RingCentral Rooms.

4. Click the +Add Room button.

5. Set the Room Type to Scheduling Display Only.

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Configure iPad for scheduling display only

1. Download and Install the RingCentral Rooms on the iPad.

2. The Sign in screen is displayed.

3. Sign into the app using your RingCentral Rooms administrator credentials.

4. Select a Room screen is displayed.

5. Tap the name of the room(The room you created for scheduling display), then tap Next.

6. The dialog asks what you want to use this device for, tap Scheduling Display.

7. The app opens in Scheduling Display mode, with the top of the display showing the calendar for the room, and the bottom of the display showing whether the room is busy or available.

See sample screenshots below:

Reserve a slot 

User-added image

Schedule display

User-added image

Meeting in session

User-added image

8. RingCentral suggests to place the iPad on a wall outside of the conference room.
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