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RingCentral Archiver - SFTP Integration | Backup voicemail, fax, call recordings, SMS

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SummaryBackup voicemail, fax, call recordings, and SMS to SFTP account using RingCentral Archiver.


Connect SFTP Account to Archiver

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account 
2. Click Tools > Archiver > Accounts > Click Connect opposite to SFTP. 
3. Enter SFTP credentials, then click Connect.

NOTE: The image below shows a sample credential. Contact your IT department to get your company's SFTP credentials.

Enter your SFTP credentials, then click Connect.


Whitelist RingCentral IPs on Firewall policy

IMPORTANT: For the Archiver application to successfully archive, you need to whitelist RingCentral IPs on your Firewall policy: 

The specific steps required to whitelist depends on the FTP server solution used. Reach out to your company's IT admin for help with whitelisting the IP addresses.

Backup data as an Administrator

1. Click Sync Options > Enable Backup is on by default.
2. Administrators have 2 available backup options: Account Settings, and Extension Settings

Account Settings: Backup is enabled by default, however, you will need to check Call Recordings so it can be backed up. When backup is enabled in this view, the RingCentral Archiver backs up data every hour and stores all the extensions' call recordings generated within the hour before the Archiver's last run. 

Extension Settings: Changes made in this view will only apply to the Administrator's own extension settings. Administrators can enable or disable Voice Mails, SMS, and Fax backups. Administrators cannot uncheck Call Recordings in this view since it is already enabled on the Account Settings view.

Backup data as a User

Users can backup their own call recordings, voicemail, text messages, and/or Fax. The settings an extension user makes only affects his/her own extension.

Select which data to backup.

Users can backup their own call recordings, voicemail, text messages, and/or Fax.

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