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Pulse - Enable account to use Pulse | RingCentral Contact Center

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SummaryPulse for Contact Center, supervisors and managers may get notifications anytime anywhere. Pulse is a perfect supplement to existing Contact Center reporting and monitoring capabilities. Follow the steps below to enable Pulse in your account.


Pulse - Enable account to use Pulse 

Only RingCentral Contact Center users may access Pulse. Follow these steps to enable Pulse on your account.

1. Open RingCentral app gallery and find RingCentral Pulse for Contact Center. 

2. Click the Pulse tile to open the Pulse installation page.

3. Click the Get it now button.

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If you are a RingCentral Contact Center customer, you will be prompted to add the Pulse bot to Glip, which will be used to deliver Alerts notifications. Please enter pulse when prompted.

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If your  account is not set up to use Pulse you will be asked to submit a request to your account manager to enable Pulse on your account. You will need to specify your email address so that you could can be informed on Pulse enabling. 

As soon as your account is enabled to use Pulse you will receive an email that you may access https://pulse.ringcentral.com.
Once the bot is added to your account, Pulse is available for Alerts enablement—log in to https://pulse.ringcentral.com.

To view other Pulse topics, go to: Pulse - Overview | RingCentral Contact Center.
TitlePulse - Enable account to use Pulse | RingCentral Contact Center
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