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SummaryPulse for Contact Center, supervisors and managers may get notifications anytime anywhere. Pulse is a perfect supplement to existing Contact Center reporting and monitoring capabilities. This article describes the Pulse Alert notifications you receive via RingCentral App.

Pulse - Get Notifications in RingCentral App

Pulse uses RingCentral App to send Alert notifications. Both RingCentral App Desktop and Mobile versions are available for notifications delivery.

You may login to RingCentral App using your RingCentral credentials. Before you start using Pulse it is recommended to set up the teams in RingCentral App where the messages will be delivered. These teams will be responsible for addressing the issue being identified by Pulse. If you want to share critical information in the notification with other colleagues you may add them into this team. With team collaboration via RingCentral App, all involved can work together quickly to resolve whatever problem has been established.  

IMPORTANT: When creating the glip team, make sure to enable Members may post messages and Members (except guests) may add other members to allow Pulse to post messages and notifications on the team.

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Teams that you create in RingCentral App may correspond to your Contact Center organization units.

NOTE: When you create the team you should enable adding people to the team by other members and enable posting to the team by other members.

Another way to set up teams is to use RingCentral Contact Center - Team Sync | Overview application that synchronizes teams from Contact Center with RingCentral App teams. 

When you create teams they will appear in the list of teams available for Alerts notification delivery by Pulse.

NOTE: You must be a member of the team to configure Pulse notifications delivery to this team.

To view other Pulse topics, go to: Pulse - Overview | RingCentral Contact Center.
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