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RingCentral Multi-Site Support - Set up Dial Zero

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Dial Zero Call Handling is a RingCentral feature under the IVR settings, that enables multi-site customers to set different or several operators per location. Callers can dial "0" while listening to the Auto-Receptionist and can be routed to the operator of the specific site they need to connect to. The feature provides a flexible solution for multi-site customers, allowing multiple operators to be configured for each location.

See Call Handling - Set up Dial Zero - Admin | RingCentral for information on setting up Dial Zero Call Handling.


This feature is available to all RingCentral MVP customers.


Multi-Site must be enabled and should have at least one site configured. To enable Multi-Site, go to RingCentral Multi-Site Support | Overview.

Who can configure

Only Super Admins, User Admins, and Users with User Admin access can configure the Dial Zero settings. See User Roles and Permissions for more information.

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How to access the setting

The Administrator should log in to the RingCentral Online account, then go to Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings on the Admin Portal. Click a site that needs to be configured, then click IVR Settings.

Zero Dialing is right below the General IVR Settings.

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Dial Zero options when Multi-Site is enabled

The Dial Zero feature acts as a top menu and is an optional setting that gets applied to all sites.

If Administrators prefer Users not to be able to move between their called site and the main site, then Dial Zero should be set to Do Nothing.

NOTE: These options are applicable for the whole account for all calls to company number, individual extension or group extensions (like Call Queues).

Connect to Top Level Menu

This is the default option that connects the caller back to the site greeting when "0" is pressed. You will need to configure the Top Level IVR Menu setting (below IVR Settings).

Top Level IVR Menu

Do Nothing

Selecting this option will make the system ignore the "0" dialed by the caller. The call continues without change, even if the caller presses "0" repeatedly.

Connect to Extension

This option allows the Administrator to route the call to either the Operator Extension or to the selected Extension when the caller dials "0".

If your company uses a Multi-level IVR, this option will only let you route the call to a selected extension.

Connect to Extension - Multi-level IVR

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