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Accessing the Outbound Caller ID Settings

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SummaryHow do I access and edit my Outbound Caller ID Settings?

Outbound Caller ID is a feature that displays your phone number to the party you are calling. This option also allows a user to block the caller ID of their phone numbers during outbound calls. As a default, your Outbound Caller ID is not blocked.

This article demonstrates how Users can edit the Outbound Caller ID settings using their RingCentral Online account. The following topics are discussed in the article:

Accessing the Outbound Caller ID Settings
Modifying the Outbound Caller ID Settings

NOTE: Account administrators can also modify another User's Outbound Caller ID settings.

Accessing the Outbound Caller ID Settings

Step 1:

Log in to your RingCentral Online account.

NOTE: For administrators, hover under Admin Portal, then click My Extension.

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Step 2:

Click Settings.

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Step 3:

Click Outbound Caller ID.

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Step 4:

Edit the Outbound Caller ID settings.

Modifying the Outbound Caller ID Settings

The Outbound Caller ID settings let you choose different numbers to display during outbound calls. Depending whether you are an Account administrator or User, you will see the following options:

By Phone – Choose a number to display for your desktop app, mobile app, or desk phone.
By Feature – Choose a number to display for RingOut from Web, RingMe, Call Flip, Fax Number, and Additional Softphone.
Internal Calls – Tick the checkbox to display your extension for internal calls.

NOTE: If you select Toll-Free number or Blocked as your Default Caller ID for any of your endpoints/calling features, you can also select an alternate local number to use in case we detect that your call will not go through.

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When selecting Internal Calls

NOTE: Select this option if you want to display your extension as your Caller ID when making internal calls. All RingCentral and IP phones will see the extension. Calls forwarded to external phones, like a mobile phone, will still show your complete direct phone number.

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