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Provisioning | Provisioning phones with RingCentral

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SummaryThis article describes the Provisioning process which allows your third-party phone to connect and be used with the RingCentral Service. Listed below are the requirements, and links to the different provisioning articles and the differences between Manual Provisioning and Assisted Provisioning.


Provisioning | Provisioning phones with RingCentral

Provisioning is when you connect a phone to the RingCentral cloud platform for secure voice, audio conferencing, and online meetings. Phones bought from RingCentral are preconfigured and fully provisioned which means they are connected to the RingCentral service and are ready to use. For phones not bought from RingCentral, maybe from a previous/ different provider or bought directly from the manufacturer/ distributor, you may still provision and use them with RingCentral as long as the device is included in the list of recommended phones or if it is SIP Compatible. This article lists the requirements and describes the differences when provisioning your phone via Assisted or Manual Provisioning.

Provisioning Requirements:

• Check on this list if your phone is supported by either Assisted or Manual Provisioning: RingCentral - List of Supported Phones
• If you purchased your device from a different provider, make sure that the phone is unlocked before you proceed.
• You need to add a local Phone Number and assign the Phone number to your Desk phone.
• For Manual Provisioning, you will need to get the SIP Settings, for more information: Manual Provisioning: How do I set up my Desk Phone to work with RingCentral.

Depending on your phone's compatibility, you may either configure with Assisted Provisioning or Manual Provisioning.


Assisted Provisioning 

Assisted Provisioning is available on some phone models which are sold and or supported by RingCentral.

In Assisted Provisioning, the phone's Serial Number is entered on your RingCentral Online account, and RingCentral's Provisioning Server address is entered inside the phone's Menu. This allows the phone to automatically connect, download, and update the information. Since your system is in the cloud, updates and new features appear automatically. 

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Manual Provisioning

Manual Provisioning is performed when a device is not on the list of supported devices for Assisted Provisioning. (Phones that are not sold and supported by RingCentral but can still work with RingCentral) 

In Manual Provisioning, SIP Settings are entered manually in the phone's menu or web interface. The Authorization information and SIP settings for the phone are entered manually in the phone's Menu or Web Interface, to be able to ONLY register with the RingCentral servers. Manual Provisioning will not maintain communication for updates to the phone, only the registration with the service.

Phones configured via Manual Provisioning will have these limitations:

• Manual Provisioning will not allow the phone updates from RingCentral's servers.
• Manual Provisioning will not pull the firmware required for RingCentral's features.
• Users with manually provisioned phones will not be able to use Presence.
• Phones manually provisioned will not have softkeys for Paging and Intercom

Although RingCentral recommends and only provides full support for RingCentral-provided IP phones (phones purchased from RingCentral), we recognize that some customers may wish to use other devices. Manual Provisioning steps for these phones can be found at https://www.ringcentral.com/office/voip-phone.htmlSelect the Other Phones tab, and then click on the link provided for your device. 

NOTE: RingCentral does not provide additional support for phones purchased from third party vendors. For product support on devices not purchased from RingCentral, please refer to the product's vendor for support.

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