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You can store 200 messages for each User's inbox for unlimited number of days. This means that if a User's inbox folder has reached 200 messages, the oldest message is deleted so the inbox can accommodate new messages.

To help manage your inbox, you can download the messages to your local drive so you will have the a copy even if the messages get eventually deleted. You can download the message using the RingCentral Phone desktop, or configure your notification settings to include an attachment of the file in the email.

Save or download the messages using the RingCentral Phone application

Click the Save button when you click on a message to download that message and save it to your local drive.

Save Messages Using RingCentral Phone Application

NOTE: When you delete a message from your RingCentral Phone, it also deletes the same message from your RingCentral Online Account. When you delete a message from the RingCentral Online Account, the message will stay on your RingCentral Phone.

Configure your notification settings to attach the message file to the email

You can save copies of your received voicemail and faxes sent to your email by selecting the Include attachment with email option in the RingCentral online account's Advanced Notifications Options. Since the file is attached, you can then download it to your computer. This ensures that you still have a copy of your messages in your email even if your messages have been deleted from your RingCentral account.

For more information, see Customize the User's Messaging Notifications.

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TitleManage Your Messages Inbox | RingCentral
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