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Set up Fax Cover Page in the RingCentral Phone Desktop App

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SummarySet up your Fax Cover page on the RingCentral Phone. Follow the steps below to set-up your Fax Cover page on the RingCentral Phone using default templates.


The RingCentral Phone allows you to choose from a list of Cover Page templates from RingCentral. You may also create a custom cover page for your fax on the RingCentral Phone. For more information, see Fax - Create a Custom Fax Cover Page. Follow these steps to set up your fax cover page.


1. Log in to your RingCentral Phone.

2. Click the Compose Fax button.

User-added image

3. Click the arrow to select from a list of cover page templates from the Cover Page Selection menu.

User-added image

4. Select your preferred cover page and click the checkmark icon. To preview the selected cover page, click the View User-added image icon.

User-added image

5. The image below shows the preview of a fax cover page template (Regular). 

User-added image

NOTE: The following information are auto-populated and can be set in the Outbound Fax Settings of your RingCentral Online account:

• Sender's Name
• Company Name
• Address
• City
• State/Province
• Zip Code
• Fax Number

The Phone Number is the same number that you used to log in to your RingCentral Phone. 

For more information about Outbound Fax Settings, see Fax - Configure Outbound Fax Settings.


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TitleSet up Fax Cover Page in the RingCentral Phone Desktop App
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