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RingCentral App (Glip) - @Mentions Overview

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Summary@mentions are a great way to call someone’s attention to a specific message on RingCentral App or make reference to an item previously posted to RingCentral App. When you are composing a message, just type @ and then as you start typing a dropdown list with possible matches will appear.


RingCentral App (Glip)  - @Mentions Overview

glip mentions

You can @mention any person, team or item posted to RingCentral App. You can even mention multiple people, teams or items in a single post, or any combination thereof. When you click on the link for a mentioned person, you are brought to your one-on-one conversation with that person. Similarly, when you click on the link for a mentioned team, you are brought to that team’s conversation. Lastly, clicking on the link for a mentioned item displays the Details view for the given item.

When mentioning a person, you are limited to the people in the current conversation. For example, if Ella mentions Patrick, for example, she would see the post like this.

glip MentionsPost

Patrick, on the other hand, would see his name highlighted in yellow. Mentions of you are displayed differently so that you can more quickly identify them in the conversation stream.

glip post me 2

When the unread messages for a given conversation contain @mentions of you, the badge is displayed in orange so that you can jump to those conversations first.

glip MentionMe

For reference, you can always go to the Dashboard to see a list of recent mentions of you.

glip RecentMentions

@mentions are treated the same as replies on RingCentral App. If you view the details of an item, such as a task, you'll see that both replies and mentions are included in the item's thread.

glip MentionDetails

There are also separate email and mobile notifications when you are mentioned in a post. See Preferences to know more.

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