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SummaryThis article provides an overview about the User Group feature. The RingCentral User group feature associates users based on the organization's hierarchy. Administrators can create User groups and assign who gets to manage the group. They control who gets access to view or create User groups. Group managers are responsible for managing and modifying the group members' settings as allowed by the Administrator. They can access and customize the group's Reports, as well as view the Call Log of each User group member. 


User Groups  Overview

The Account administrator can either assign a User Admin role to the Group manager or create a custom User Role to allow the Group manager to access and modify the group's settings later on. Once the right User Role has been assigned to the Group manager, the Super Admin, User Admin, or any other User with correct permissions can then create and assign members to the User group.

IMPORTANT: When creating a custom User Role, the Account administrator must make sure the User Group manager will be able to access and modify the group members' settings. Refer to User Roles and Permissions for more information about assigning or creating custom User Roles.

Several User groups can be created as required for your organization. For example, a Director with 2 team managers (and their team members) may need to have 3 User groups created: one group for each of the team managers and an overall group for the Director that includes both team managers.



This feature is available to RingCentral Office Premium and Office Ultimate editions.


Key Features and Benefits


• User groups facilitate the organization of custom group under an assigned Group manager.

• Allows Users to belong to multiple groups.

• Group managers can access and modify all the group members’ User Details.

• Group managers can view the group members' Reports data and Call Log.

Administrators can edit a member's list of groups using the RingCentral Mobile app. This can be done by opening the member's User Info, and selecting which User group/s should be enabled for the User.



• Assigned Group manager must also be a member of the group.

• Only 1 Group manager per group.

• A User group must have at least 1 member.

• Currently supports flat, non-nested groups only.


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