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SummaryLive Reports Widgets allows you to customize the reports that will be visible on the Live Reports Dashboard. Widgets can be added and customized for the Dashboard.


RingCentral Live Reports widgets make it possible to customize the Reports that you see on your Live Reports Dashboard. Reports or Widgets can be added and customized for your Dashboard. 

How to add a Widget?

Click the Add Widget button on your Live Reports Dashboard

Available Widgets

User-added image

Service Level - The percentage of calls answered within the threshold time.

Queue Monitor - Length of the queue, longest wait time, and availability of agents per queue.

Call Volume - Number of outbound or inbound calls, abandoned calls, and voicemails.

Queue Calls - Number of calls in a queue, live and on hold.

Agents Count - Number of available, talking, and unavailable agents.

Queue Details - Tabular widget with queues as rows.

Agent Details - Tabular widget with agents as rows.

For more information on the metrics used on the reports, go to Analytics Portal - KPI Definitions.


Expand for Wallboard view

On the top right of your Live Reports dashboard, click the Expand User-added image button to maximize the dashboard on your browser window.


On the expanded view, you can click the Wallboard User-added image button to display the dashboard fullscreen.

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