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RingCentral Rooms - Set Up an IP Phone (Manual Provisioning)

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SummarySet up an IP phone for RingCentral Rooms - You can configure your RingCentral Rooms system with IP phone for inbound and outbound calling without a separate conference phone.


Setting up an IP phone in your RingCentral Rooms conference room



1. Using your IP Phone for RingCentral Rooms requires that you have a DigitalLine provisioned with your Rooms system.
2. Thus, the company's default call handling rules will also apply to a Rooms system's IP phone.
3. We highly recommend to turn off the call handling rules for any IP phone provisioned for a Rooms system to avoid unexpected incoming calls during a meeting.  

See Admin: Call Handling & Forwarding Overview for more information.



You can enable your IP phone in a RingCentral Rooms system once the following are ready:

1. RingCentral Rooms setup (equipment already configured)
2. RingCentral Rooms app installed on Mac, Windows, and iPad

NOTE: If your Rooms IP Phone is not yet provisioned, you will need to manually provision your IP Phone with RingCentral. Refer to Set up a Third Party SIP Phone for the instructions.

Click on links below for directions in setting up your IP phone with Rooms:

Getting the IP Settings of your IP Phone 
Encoding the IP Phone Settings on Rooms 


Getting the Manual Provisioning SIP Settings for your IP Phone

The first step in setting up your IP phone for Rooms is to get the manual provisioning SIP settings of your phone. This can be done by accessing the provisioning page.

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online account.

2. On Admin Portal > Phone System, click Phones & Devices

IMPORTANT: To manually provision your IP Phone, you will need to add a phone number that will be assigned to the phone. Refer to Set up a Third Party SIP Phone and follow the steps on Adding a Phone number that will be assigned to your existing phone section.

Go to Step 3 once you have added a phone number to proceed with manual provisioning.

3. On User Phones, look for the Existing phone that needs to be assigned to your IP phone.

Click Setup and Provision.

4. Click Select.

5. Select the Outbound Proxy based on the location of your device then copy the SIP settings.

Refer to your phone's documentation for provisioning instructions, or contact their support.

User-added image

NOTE: Polycom phones are not meant to be the primary speakers for RingCentral Rooms. However, The Polycom Trio 8800 can act as a speaker for the Mac Mini/computer in the meeting, but needs to be connected via USB cable to do this. It can also be setup as a phone in the RC room (by following the provisioning instructions below). However, it cannot do both at the same time. 


Encoding the IP Phone Settings on Rooms

The SIP information from the provisioning page needs to be entered to the RingCentral Room where it needs to be associated to. 

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Hover on Tools, then click Meetings.

click tools - click meetings

3. Click RingCentral Rooms.

click ringcentral rooms

4. Click Edit across a room to update its settings.

click edit

5. Under General Settings, go to SIP Phone Integration section.

You will be asked to enter the SIP information from the provisioning page. Refer to the table below for more information.

IP Phone Input Field

Corresponding SIP
Phone Information



Transport protocol



Transportation protocol:
TLS is not supported at the moment.

User Name

User Name






Domain field must remain blank.




SIP password

Authorization Name

Authorization ID


SIP Authorization ID

Registrar Server

SIP Domain


SIP server address

Proxy Server

Outbound Proxy


Outbound proxy server address

The SIP settings need to be entered to the IP Phone tab as follows:

NOTE: The Domain field must remain blank.

Edit SIP Phone Integration settings

6. Click Save Changes.


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