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RingCentral Contact Center: Reviewing Agent Log in

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SummaryHow do I verify how agents are logging on the agent application?
Within the RingCentral Contact Center Platform, there are 2 ways to view how users are logging in on the agent application.

Active Agents Report
Login History Tab

Active Agents Report

Step 1:

Click on Reporting/Analytics > Canned Reports > Active Agents.

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Step 2:

You will be directed to this page which shows the number of agents who are actively connected to the system and their current activity at the moment you run the report.

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Agent IDThe RingCentral Contact Center Agent ID number. This is a unique value identifying the agent.
NameThe agent's first name and last name.
StateThe agent's current state when the report was run. Click the refresh button to refresh the data in the report.
DurationThe length of time that the agent has been in the current State. Displayed in minutes and seconds (MM:SS).
StationThe station ID that the agent is currently using to log on.
To review the Station ID configuration, click on Admin>Users>Stations.
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To disable the agent ability to login with Phone Number:
1. Access the agent security profile under Admin>User>Security Profile.
2. Click on the Agent Security Profile then Permissions tab.
3. Under Agent, uncheck the “Agent Phone” box.
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TeamThe assigned team of the agent.
Force Agent DisconnectSelect the Force Disconnect link to force logout the agent. This will end all contacts associated with the agent. Typically a forced logout would be used if an agent failed to logout after shift.

Login History tab

Step 1:

Click on Admin > Users > Users.

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Step 2:

User List view.

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Step 3:

Click the user to bring up the details:

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Phone NumberThe phone number the user used to log in.
Caller IDThe Caller ID of the user, or the number contacts see when the user calls them.
Station NameThe name of the station the user used to log in.
Log in DateThe date and time the user logged in. It follows the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM.
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