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RingCentral Multi-Site Support - Configure User Roles & Permissions

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How to configure User Roles and Permissions for Multi-sites

User Roles give Administrators the ability to control what Users can do within the system, without giving full administrator access. A Role is a collection of Permissions which could be based on a job function. Permissions are assigned to Roles, and Roles are assigned to Users. When the RingCentral Multi-Site Support is activated, the Administrators (Super Administrators, and Administrators with User Management permission) can create a custom role for Users so they can manage and view the call logs of a site without giving them full administrator access.

IMPORTANT: Administrators and Users with User Management > Roles permission can create a custom role for a User in order to manage and view the call logs of a site.

NOTE: The Multi-Site and Custom Roles are available to all RingCentral MVP Premium and Ultimate customers in the US, Canada, and UK.

See User Roles and Permissions - Overview for more information about custom roles.

  1. Create a custom role.
    • NOTE: Check Multi-Sites to select both Site Management and Sites Call Log, then click Create Role.
    • Check the permissions that need to be granted for this role. Uncheck the permissions that need to be removed. Click Create role to proceed.
  2. Click Assign.
    • Click Assign to continue assigning Users or click Later to assign Users later.
  3. Select the User/s that need to be assigned to the role.
  4. Set the Role Domain/s for each selected User.
    • Set Role Domain
  5. Click Assign.

NOTE: When a User is assigned the Super Admin role, the User gains the Super Admin permissions on the company level and all sites. If a User is assigned the User admin role or another Admin-related role, the User will only have their admin permissions on the designated sites; they will NOT have visibility into the site assets of any other locations. 

TIP: You can also assign roles using the following methods:

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