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Call Log Overview | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article describes the Call Log feature on the RingCentral Online account.

The Call Log displays a complete record of incoming and outgoing calls, as well as faxes for the company number and specified extensions. These logs are stored in your RingCentral Online account for 1 year or until you delete them. It allows reports to be saved and delivered to a designated email address on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or on specified days. 


Features and Benefits

 Aids in forecasting costs and tracking productivity.
 Quickly search and sort call logs.
 Provides flexible formats and easy access.


Basic Call Log Functions

How to View your Call Log
How to Search in your Call Log
How to Filter your Call Log
How to Interpret or Read your Call Log
How to Delete your Call Log


Other Call Log Features

Call Log - Enable or Disable Call Log Delivery (automatically receive Call Log reports on your Email)
Call Log - Download Call Logs and Recorded Calls
User Roles and Permissions
Call Log - Allow Permission to View

TitleCall Log Overview | RingCentral
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