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SummaryGetting to know the Company Info section

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The Company Info settings include Company Address, Caller ID Name, and Directory Assistance. Select the appropriate tab to access each section.

Administrators can access these sections on the Online account by going to the Admin Portal > Phone System > Company Info.

Company Address

Set your Company Address to provide the information needed for the default Company Greeting and your company address for a Directory Listing (if available for your account).

Caller ID Name

Set your Company Caller ID to your Company Name so that your customers will know who is calling when you call them. This name along with the phone number is displayed to the called party whenever an outbound call is made using the local number as the Caller ID.

NOTE: Does not apply to Toll-Free Numbers.
IMPORTANT: Max 15 characters (letters, numbers, and space). Special characters not allowed.

For more information, go to Outbound Caller ID Name Overview and Frequently Asked Questions.


Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance is a free and convenient way to publish your business name, address, main number, and main fax number to increase your company’s visibility in National Local Directory Assistance listings. This is a free feature available for Office and Professional plans. 

For more information, go to Directory Assistance Frequently Asked Questions
TitleCompany Info Tab Overview | RingCentral
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