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SummaryInternational Calling allows a User to place calls outside the US, Canada or UK. This article will guide Administrators in enabling the International calling feature on the RingCentral account.


How to Enable International Calling 


You must log in to the RingCentral account as an Administrator in order to perform the steps below.

1. Click the Billing tab. 

2. Click International Calling

3. Under International tab, toggle switch to Enable International Calling.

toggle switch to enable international calling


What you need to know after enabling International Calling


Supported Countries

• Enabling this feature will enable International Calling to all available countries. 

• Some countries may not be available when International Calling is enabled. This means that RingCentral has restricted International Calling to those countries. Should you need to reach any of the restricted countries, create an online support ticket. For instructions, go to How to create and submit a case in the Customer Care Center.


User Permissions

• When International Calling is enabled, this feature is allowed on all predefined User Roles except "Standard". 

• After enabling the International Calling feature, the "Standard (International)" User Role is automatically assigned when adding new Users to the account.

• You can specify which Users are not allowed to place international calls by assigning Users to the "Standard" User Role. For instructions, go to International Calling - Blocking Specific Users from placing International calls.


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