Sending Fax Messages Using RingCentral Online Account

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SummaryHow do I send a fax using RingCentral online account?
FaxOut is a fax sending tool, embedded on the RingCentral Online account, to send out faxes from your computer even without a fax machine.  Using FaxOut, you may send faxes to a single contact or a contact group right away or on a selected schedule.  

Step 1:


Step 2:

Click FaxOut, located at the upper left portion of the page right below the Logout link.

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Step 3:

Enter the fax number or click Contacts to select the number of the recipient.

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You may select a single contact by clicking Personal or a contact group by clicking Groups.

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Step 4:

Select your Fax Recipient/s.

Step 5:

Select Use Cover Page if you want to use a Cover Page, and then choose a template from the list.

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NOTE: Click Preview to see how your fax will look like when you send it.

Step 6:

Enter a note in the Cover Page Note box.

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Step 7:

Click the source of the document to be faxed.

NOTE: Cloud-based storage sources must be authorized.

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IMPORTANT:  The combined size of attached files should not exceed the 25MB limit.

Step 8:

Click Send Now if you want to send the fax right away.

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Click Schedule if you want to specify the Date and Time for the fax to be sent.

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