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User Account Settings

Everyone who makes or receives a call in the RingCentral platform is classified as a user. If you are setting up RingCentral users, this section is for you.


Set up office hours

Decide how incoming calls are handled during normal business hours and after hours.

You can easily customize your hours of operation by day, week, or to be the same 24/7.

For more advanced rules, for holidays or vacations, for example, take a look at the advanced call handling section.

Greeting and hold music

Personalize your greeting and hold music. Choose from a selection of default greetings, record a custom message, or import a pre-recorded greeting from your computer.

You even can add hold music. Make your selection from a variety of music or upload your own.

Call handling

Call handling lets you customize how you receive calls.

Each user can set his or her own rules, such as adding forwarding numbers and setting up calls to ring sequentially or simultaneously.

You can even set both your mobile and IP desk phone to ring at the same time so you don't miss a call.

Messages and notifications

Set up the RingCentral system to notify you via email, text, or even fax when you receive a voicemail message, fax, missed call, or text message.